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Going Grok, Primal Style – What was I Thinking?!

Weight has always been an issue for me. Yes, I know. How original. A girl with a self image/weight issue. Surprise, surprise. But think what you want, and don’t read it if you don’t wanna hear it. I’m gonna talk about it anyway. Ever since I hit middle school and went through the awkward, “kill me know”, teen years, I’ve had this ongoing, love/hate relationship with food. Food became my friend. When everything else was going wrong in my life (or so I dramatically thought at the time), I knew I could count on food to be there for me. It always tasted the same, it never changed. It was the one constant I had and so desperately needed at the time.

Talking with my mother now, she’s told me when I was younger food was not an issue for me. She tried not to make it an issue. I ate what I wanted and then just played extra hard to work it off later. I didn’t know any different. I was a normal kid. But once I got older, I sought my own comfort from food once I saw how my older relatives did it. It all spiraled out of control for about the past 9ish years. My senior year of college I weighed the most I ever have. 217lbs. (Gross!) At 5’7″, I never really looked too over weight, but I was significantly over what was considered “healthy” for my height.

I’ve tried I can’t tell you how many times to change my eating habits enough to lose the weight. I’ve started work out plans and New Year’s Resolutions to, “do better this year!”, or, “do better now!”. But all to no avail. I always seemed to let myself down. Even now, I still have some trouble sticking to what I set my mind to with food plans and healthy eating after about a month or so. I’m gonna work on that haha. The reason why I’m bringing all of it up though is the new “diet”, I prefer to call it a “lifestyle” (how fancy, right?) even though I sound ridiculous saying it, I’ve tried and loved.

The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson has truly changed my life. In the month and half that I really stuck to the Primal eating habits he talked about, I dropped 23lbs!! I’ve been hovering around a solid 194lbs since the beginning of September when I started being “less strict” with what I ate (I started the lifestyle in August). I’ve just been eating SO much less than what I used to. I feel a ton better and absolutely LOVE LOSING WEIGHT! Finally, for the first time ever I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. Now, it’s time to keep going. I’m excited about the prospect of getting to my goal weight, but with the other stresses in my life I’ve very easily let it fall by the way side. Time to find my motivation again!! *Fingers crossed*

So why did I do this? Who did I hear about it? Well, this wonderful, now, boyfriend of mine. In all his internet research he discovered this about 9 months ago. He instantly fell in love with it but couldn’t follow the diet since he doesn’t buy the groceries in his house. So (haha, I bet you were waiting for this), he turned his attention to me to get me to do it, to see if it works. Seems legit enought, right? Well….about that…

At first, I resisted. I resisted hard. I thought it was stupid and absolutely impossible. I refused to listen and bitched about it whenever he would bring it up. He let it slide for about a month, but then he started talking about it again. How beneficial it thought it would be for me, and how great I would look. Of course he made sure I knew I was “perfect” already (yeah sure haha), but that this would just make me a knock-out. After months of him sending me article after article, and droning on and on about it, I finally gave in.

I looked into it. I read the research Mark Sisson puts in all of his articles and, shockingly, I was convinced. Just like that. In a matter of 3 hours, my whole preception of food and eating completely changed. Sure, I still slip, but I am so much more aware of what I’m putting into my body than I ever used to be. Once my life and the hours I work (see the Follies of Working Overnights for the reason I don’t do it too much now, only when I can) are all back to normal, I’ll get back into the lifestyle. I know my parents will support me and help me in whatever way they can. Hell, I might even get them to join in!

Sometimes I ask myself, “What was I thinking?!” by starting this. I miss the breads and the pasta and oh-so-tempting processed foods, but I enjoy feeling great that much more. And looking like a hottie is always a benefit too. I challenge everyone to look into it. Right now, right this second….No, seriously. Right this second. You’ll thank me later.

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