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It’s Revival Time

I think it’s about time for a revival of my This is How I Primal blog. Over the last 2 years, it’s pretty much fallen by the way side. I know, I know. Bad blogger, bad. But you know that whole “life” thing got in the way (that’s such a generic excuse, isn’t it?), and blogging wasn’t a huge priority or interest to me. A lot has changed for me over the last 2 years; both good and bad. Primal has been a consistent and ever-present part of it though.

Here’s a brief summary of the crazy good/bad things that have happened to me since the last time I really blogged (in June/November of 2013–eek!!!):

Summer 2013:

  • I attempted the VA Spartan Super, but was unable to finish it. I was not nearly ready enough for that beast of a mountain
  • My mother was diagnosed with ALS

Fall 2013:

  • My maternal grandmother passed away from complications of severe and untreated diverticulitis
  • I moved into a house full of roommates, the first time I lived with strangers since college
  • I ran the DC Ragnar Relay race with a team of 12 amazeballs people whom have become some of my closest friends
  • I got to my lowest weight ever, 165lbs, and maintained it for over 7 months
  • I started a new, amazing relationship with the love-of-my-life

Winter 2013-2014

  • I moved into my first ever solo studio apartment

Spring 2014

  • I traveled to Arizona for the 3rd time to run my annual work event
  • I gained 10lbs back, to put me at 175lbs, and I’ve been struggling to lose the weight ever since

Summer 2014

  • I celebrated the birth of my first niece!!! (Emerson Claire 6/18/2014 <3)
  • I went on my first cruise to Bermuda, baby!
  • I ran and COMPLETED the VA Spartan Super–hallelujah!

Fall 2014

  • I moved in with the Mr., along with 2 of our closest friends (whom are also a couple) and their bulldog, Remy
  • I ran the DC Ragnar Relay again with a lot of similar faces from the previous year, but with a few new ones too
  • I started working part-time at a gym; my first step towards someday becoming a personal trainer
  • I adopted a German Shepard mix puppy, Enzo, with the Mr. from the Humane Society!!!

Winter 2014-2015

  • I celebrated the birth of my first nephew!!! (Ethan Cash  12/25/14 <3)
  • I traveled to New Mexico to run a small work conference
  • I started training my first ever “client”, who’s a great friend of mine that wanted to help me out with seeing if I want to be a PT
  • I got encouraged by a different great friend to become a Beachbody Coach, and was convinced to buy the Les Mills Body Combat program before it was retired forever

This week I was going to add to my Winter 2014-2015 list “became a Beachbody Coach”… But after careful consideration, and a better understanding of what it meant to be one (what the monetary value was to be considered an “active coach” vs “inactive”), I’ve decided to forgo adding that to my list for the time being.

I will, however, continue what I had intended to do in the first place with this blog, and my new This is How I Primal Facebook page: spread awareness of Primal/Paleo; share my experiences following the lifestyle; and encourage others to make positive steps towards a healthier, happier life.

So with that, I officially consider the This is How I Primal blog “revived” and ready for business!

‘Til next time, folks!



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