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The Dinner Diaries, episode 7.5

cauliflowersaladToday I have for you… Well… ehmm.. I don’t have a specific recipe that I’ve personally tried [insert shamed face here]. But! I do have some kick-ass [looking] recipes that I’m going to try in the near future that I thought you might enjoy too!

If you can excuse my lack of doing the legwork, and do actually take a look at Eating Well‘s post, they have a bunch of unique and intriguing recipes to keep the whole “salads & soups” thing from getting stale. Personally the cauliflower salad sounds pretty darn awesome. But that’s just me.

Most of the recipes are already completely Primal, and those that aren’t can easily be made completely Primal by eliminating the pesky problem, and/or substituting it for something else. For example, coconut milk is an awesome thickening agent for soups as opposed to the flour & butter combo in a rue.

Just my Primal thought-of-the-day.

Do something active tomorrow! I’m running 4 miles; what are you doing?

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