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Life gets the best of us sometimes

I will preface this post by saying, I really did try. I attempted with all my heart to follow my challenge to the letter of the law. I really did, I swear. Even ask my clone. She knew I was trying and struggling to keep my ground.  But… Like all the other challenges past, life threw me curve-balls and I failed to conquer them. I let the hard days, and the temptation, get the better of me.

My 21-day challenge lasted a total of 4. And that was it. Work stressed me out on day 5, and I just threw caution to the wind and ate the shit out of tortillas & salsa at a Don Pablos. Then the next day was the Boy’s birthday celebration at a local Irish pub; a traditional Irish Ruben batted it’s greasy-bread filled eyelashes at me, and I was a goner again. Sunday was a McDonald’s and diner-food feast. Yep. It was bad. All my progress (3lbs down) was lost in just 2 days.

I’ve tried to get my act together multiple times since that failure-filled weekend, but it didn’t happen. Final prep for my 12-day work trip got in the way, and it was just easier to cheat and not worry about cooking. However, I paid the ultimate price for my cheating while here in Arizona. My gallbladder decided it had had enough of my foolishness and crippled me with a horrendous attack that last 7 hours. Needless to say, I got my ass in gear and have been trying my damnedest to stay away from all the bad stuff.

I’ve never felt anything more painful than a gallbladder attack. They happen every so often when I’ve been cheating a lot after a long stint of being good. They plague my family’s genetics, so I’m predisposed to suffer from them. For those of you that don’t know what they are, it’s an intense pain right in the middle of your chest that radiates through to your back, specifically the right shoulder-blade. It’s a constant, intense pain that would literally drive a person insane if it went on for too long. It makes you feel nauseous, shiver with chills, but sweat if you bundle up.The attacks happen almost always at night, and usually last a few hours. (This most recent one was a record long one). Because they happen at night, it can be disorienting and hard to figure out what exactly is happening at first. It usually just feels like bag pain; like I slept on it wrong. But once you realize what it is, there’s very, very little you can do to seek comfort. You flip and flop, pace and lay down. Nothing helps. No position, location, or condition helps relieve the pain. If I never have another one it’ll be way too soon.

My work conference is winding down, and I’ll  have a few extra days to relax in Arizona before heading home. I’m planning on getting a good run in somewhere, and I’m excited to run in a new environment. When I get back, I’ve decided I’ve got to get my butt in gear and start with my Spartan and Primal workouts. I have some big races this year–I have to be ready.

Anyway, here’s my favorite picture of the trip so far. We’re headed to our offsite event tonight, to the home of the Saguaro cactus. I’m hoping for some awesome sunset photos. We shall see!arizona

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What are you made of? The 21-day challenge

It’s happened again. I missed the 21-day challenge on Mark’s Daily Apple. And by a lot. Months! A whole half of a year! Primal fail. Sigh.

I don’t know why I decided to look up Primal Challenges again. For some odd reason, though, I found myself on Mark’s page looking for a new challenge. A challenge I could commit myself to for a “short” period of time to re-energize myself. I haven’t been following all of the guidelines lately, and I’m feeling more drained when I get up in the morning than I do when I go to bed. It’s been like pulling teeth to get out from underneath the covers when the alarm goes off. I would work from my bed if I could. It’s really bad news bears.

primal_21day_challengeI found the 21-day challenge from September of last year. It’s a deviation from the normal 30-day annual challenge, and he explains why it’s different here. I’ve decided to give to accept the challenge, even if I’m months too late. It’s a challenge I’ve attempted a few times (the old 30-day versions), but I have never made it through (Primal 101 failure, argh).

Despite my past incomplete attempts, I’m jumping back in the ring! I need to re-focus of all my attention back to the right workouts, “playing”, de-stressing after work, eating the way I’m supposed to, and sleeping properly. It isn’t going to be easy, but it’ll definitely be worth it. 

Want to give it a shot with me?! I know some of you do! C’mon! It’ll be the best thing you could give yourself! Message me with questions, comments, or for support.

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