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What are you made of? The 21-day challenge

It’s happened again. I missed the 21-day challenge on Mark’s Daily Apple. And by a lot. Months! A whole half of a year! Primal fail. Sigh.

I don’t know why I decided to look up Primal Challenges again. For some odd reason, though, I found myself on Mark’s page looking for a new challenge. A challenge I could commit myself to for a “short” period of time to re-energize myself. I haven’t been following all of the guidelines lately, and I’m feeling more drained when I get up in the morning than I do when I go to bed. It’s been like pulling teeth to get out from underneath the covers when the alarm goes off. I would work from my bed if I could. It’s really bad news bears.

primal_21day_challengeI found the 21-day challenge from September of last year. It’s a deviation from the normal 30-day annual challenge, and he explains why it’s different here. I’ve decided to give to accept the challenge, even if I’m months too late. It’s a challenge I’ve attempted a few times (the old 30-day versions), but I have never made it through (Primal 101 failure, argh).

Despite my past incomplete attempts, I’m jumping back in the ring! I need to re-focus of all my attention back to the right workouts, “playing”, de-stressing after work, eating the way I’m supposed to, and sleeping properly. It isn’t going to be easy, but it’ll definitely be worth it. 

Want to give it a shot with me?! I know some of you do! C’mon! It’ll be the best thing you could give yourself! Message me with questions, comments, or for support.

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