Three of My Dreams from all this Weight Loss Work

If you’ve seen my old weight loss posts, you’ll know that this is an old post. But I’m re-posting it because it DEFINITELY applies to my life now. In later posts I’ll go into more detail, but basically I’ve stepped it up a serious notch in my quest for my dream body. I’ve started running (technically not Primal, but it’s active so that’s all that’s important). I completed my first two 5k’s ever in October and December respectively. My friend convinced me to sign up for a Half Marathon this March, and I made a personal goal of completing a Super Spartan Race this August. I might be signing up for a Ragnar Relay Race in October, but I have to wait and see if there’s room for me on my friends’ team. It’s going to be an insane year. But it’s going to force me to get in shape. It may sound crazy, but I’m kind of excited. 2013 is going to be MY year.

So, without further ado, here are my three dreams from all this weight loss work.

“Laugh if you must, complain if you wish, dismiss my comments if you want to–I don’t care.

I have three, mostly shallow, yet significant dreams that I want to come from all this weight loss work:

  1. My thighs to no longer touch/rub together.
  2. Own and wear a bikini for the first time–and rock it.
  3. Impress all of my friends and family.”

Boom. I said it. What now, huh?


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