The Dinner Diaries, episode 7

Tonight on the menu we have: Cheddar/Worcestershire Sauce Cheeseburgers and Coleslaw .


(2 lbs) Ground beef (whatever % lean you prefer), (2) yellow onion, (1) bag of Kraft Philadelphia Three Cheddar Cheese, (1) head of cabbage, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, mayo, garlic powder, pepper, and salt.


Personally, I feel that preparing the coleslaw is the best first, but if you can prep veggies super fast, you can reverse the order of which you make first.

Start by cutting the head of cabbage into quarters.

Using a mandolin, or a really big sharp knife, shred the cabbage into thin strips and put into a big mixing bowl. The mandolin is perfect for this, but it is definitely possible–just be patient! (And super careful!)

Cut 1 of the yellow onions in half, then also shred it into thin long strips, and then add it to the mixing bowl as well.

Add a good heap of mayo into the cabbage and onions.

Pour in just a small amount of red wine vinegar; it’s meant to give some mild bite (at least my favorite kind), but you can add as much as you want.

Mix all these ingredients together with a big spoon.

Add more mayo and vinegar if you feel you need.

Season with garlic (super important), pepper, and salt to taste.

Once you have your coleslaw how you like it, put all your raw ground beef into a big mixing bowl.

Chop up the 2nd yellow onion, into as small of pieces as you wish, and add them to the meat n the mixing bowl.

Put 2 handfuls of cheddar cheese into the mixing bowl.

Add as much garlic powder as you like.

Last, pour in the Worcestershire sauce to taste. (Remember, this has a strong flavor–a little goes a long way).

Mix all of these ingredients together by hand.

Form the mixture into your preferred burger size.

On medium heat, place 4 cheeseburgers at a time into a non-stick skillet and cook them to your desired temperature.

Bon appetite!

(Hamburgers easily makes 7-8 hamburgers; coleslaw easily makes 8 servings)

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