Vibrams (or I like to call them: TOE SHOES!)

I know you’ve seen them. Those super weird shoes that have individual toes. You probably thought to yourself, “Why would anyone want to wear those?!” or something like, “Freak!” ( It’s okay, I won’t judge you for it). I mean look at them!! They look so so so strange! It’s only natural to reject things like these. I mean for goodness sake, they make your feet look like frog feet. And the colors these things come in… Yikes!

I thought all these things when I first saw them. I mean logically they look like they would be uncomfortable. I couldn’t comprehend why anyone would want to put their toes through something like that. So I wrote them off in my head as silly and pointless.

Well, much to my surprise I wasn’t done with toe shoes yet. When I started getting involved with the Primal Lifestyle I learned that these crazy 5-finger toe shoes were actually not crazy at all, but were an ingenious design created to make it feel like you were walking barefoot. Though I still think they look weird, I have accepted they are beneficial and am hoping to be able to afford my own pair soon. I mean come on, who doesn’t want to walk barefoot all the time?

So I guess I’m about to join the ranks of the frog feet weirdos. Oh well. I’m gonna rock that shit like there’s no tomorrow haha.

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