A Word on Headaches

I think one of the shittiest things about stopping eating bread, pasta, potatoes, sugar, pretty much all carbs except the ones you get from veggies naturally, is the nasty HORRIBLE headaches that come from it.

I’m a very avid carb lover. Garlic bread. Garlic bread with cheese. Pasta. Pizza. Mac and cheese (homemade and box). Stuffing (homemade and box). Bagels. French fries. Chips. The list could go on forever. Any processed, terrible food for you, I absolutely adore. I swear I was Italian in a past life with how much I love carbs! It’s kinda of ridiculous. Well, there’s no kinda about it. It’s ridiculous. And I can’t explain the love I have for them. I know, logically understand, that they are not good for you. But it doesn’t stop me from craving them. All. The. Time!

I’m trying to let my willpower win out over my desire to eat all of these things, but it’s a constant battle. It sucks! I think if I didn’t get the headaches then it wouldn’t be as bad. But alas, I’m not that lucky. I’ve got to go through the shitty detox just like everyone else starting the Primal Lifestyle. I guess now I sorta understand what my clients go through with their detox. Theirs are worse though.

Just gotta stick with it. It’s worth it, right?……Right. That’s what I keep telling myself.

I’m going to go eat a carrot stick now.


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